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Jeffrey contends that during his trial vital information concerning the status of his health at the time of the incident was not clearly nor effectively expressed to the jury in order to reach a fair deliberation and impartial verdict.
Catherine Hanssens Founder/Executive Director The Center for HIV Law & Policy Reckless Disregard for the Facts: Ohio Judge Says HIV Nondisclosure and Transmission is worse than Assault with a Deadly Weapon Pressing for a harsh sentence, the Assistant Summit County Prosecutor Nik Buckmeier said that Boatright's sex partner “will deal with the illness for the rest of his life,” that having HIV "affects every part of his life.” At sentencing, Judge Kimbler took this pronouncement one step further. According to the judge, violations of the HIV disclosure law are even worse than typical felonious assault cases— stabbings and shootings— because "in stabbings, wounds heal; in shootings, the wounds heal. The victim in this case lives with the results forever, until he dies.”
Jeffrey was accused and convicted of having sex without disclosing his HIV/AIDS status on 12-11-2015. This resulted in a felonious assault 2nd degree conviction.
Jeffrey is a lifelong resident of Akron, OH.  He attended North High School and was gainfully employed until these charges were brought against him. Jeffrey has the support of a host of family members and friends, as well as the support from local and national agencies that recognize this travesty of justice.
We seek to have his conviction overturned: · According to evidence that proves Jeffrey had no knowledge of his HIV status at the time of the incident in question. · The Plaintiff was knowledgeable of his own AIDS diagnosis and failed to disclose it to Mr. Boatright before the incident  in question. · Also for the inadequate legal representation which resulted in this excessive and ill-informed conviction.
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1. He has never been diagnosed by any medical professional as having HIV/AIDS before having sex with his accuser. 2. He has never been hospitalized nor treated for any HIV/AIDS related illnesses.  His first HIV confirmation test was December 2014, after the allegation. 3. The alleged victim was diagnosed with full blown AIDS three weeks after he had a sexual encounter with Jeffrey.  This is in total conflict with the scientific facts about HIV transmission. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “the body responds to HIV infection by producing antibodies, which are detectable within a few weeks after the initial infection in most people.  After 90 days, about 90% of those with HIV infection will develop a positive HIV test.” 4. This leads to question whether the “victim” was already living with AIDS As a result of the above facts, Jeffrey Boatright is soliciting financial support to fund his appeal and release from prison for this “miscarriage of justice”.
Jeffrey’s Defense
Published on Dec 1, 2015 The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, in partnership with the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Center for HIV Law and Policy, launched a new public education and outreach campaign to raise awareness about the harms of HIV criminalization and the disproportionate impact these laws have on the LGBT community, especially LGBT communities of color. The social and digital media campaign - #EndBadHIVLaws - features this new educational video that debunks common myths about HIV and explains how HIV criminalization laws might actually be fueling the spread of HIV. For more info, visit
It's Time to End Bad HIV Laws
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